Don’t Fear No. Go For It

Working in sales is something that requires some training. It is really easy to accept a sales position with the idea that can do a great job convincing people that they need a product or service that you can make available to them but many beginners find that there is one large obstacle that they must overcome in order to really do well in sales. It is a very small word but without the knowledge of how to move past it they are destined to fail.

1. How to convince a client

The word that holds so much power over many people in the sales industry is “No”. If every sales person simply accepted the first “no” response from their potential customers they would never make a sale at all. The immediate response when someone approaches a person about buying a service or product is “No”. I don’t need it or I don’t want it. In order to become a good sales person you have to push past that initial response and address their reasons for this answer.

2. Make clients want what you offer

No matter what you are selling, you need to find out why they think they are not interested in what you have to offer and turn that thought in to one that will leave them wondering how they have done without your product or service for so long. By addressing their reasons for the rejection you will move yourself one step closer to obtaining their business and making a sale.

Once you have addressed their initial reason for the rejection you are that much closer but do not think that the work is over. You may have to spend a great deal more time telling them why they really need the service and debunking their objections one after the other. Some people have more obstacles to overcome than others so be prepared to work hard for the end results and if it happens to be easier then you should take it as a bonus.

3. The art of convincing

There really is an art to being able to overcome the initial negative response that many people tend to have when they are approached by someone in a sales position. You have to stay positive and keeping plucking away at the resistance. When you are developing the skill in the beginning it can be pretty difficult. Once you have broken through that first wall of negativity you will have more confidence in your next encounter.

You will soon see that each time you push through this conflict and find a way to convince people that they really do need your product, your sales will definitely increase. As you confidence increases your salary should as well. This works well not only for you but for the company you are working for. Once you have developed this skill you will find that it is used more often to achieve your sales goals.

Many sales people are not comfortable pushing through the negativity. This means that if you are able to master this skill you will be much more valuable to an employer and will become a very successful part of your sales team. You can do well in the sales industry as long as you can learn to push through the initial “No” that many sales people are presented with upon the initial visit with a prospective client.

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