Why WordPress is better than Blogger

The dispute of the throne between WordPress and Blogger it is still happening. But WordPress is taking advantage for letting the users create a blog on their WordPress.org page, or download their open-source platform and install it in our servers – something that Blogger don’t allow their users to do. They are limited to a platform in a server, and have little customization options compared with WordPress.

But one important point: If you want a blog just for your simple diary or to register your records, then go for Blogger.

WordPress was created for more than managing ordinary posts. WordPress is meant to be used for blogging professionals, looking to optimize the content of the blog and the experience between the user and the blogger. I will list some comparative points between both.

1. Hosting

Instead of WordPress.com allowing you to create an account on their website and create a blog from it, the majority of people download the script at WordPress.org and install it in their website (or install it with Fantastico).
With Blogger you are limited by the need of using the platform at their servers, and the only way you can use it at your own, is by “asking” their platform to move their script to your servers.

WordPress wins by letting you choose what is the best hosting option for you.

2. Indexing

Having a blog hosted in Blogger means being indexed in 24 hours. Why? Because Blogger is hosted in Google servers, speeding up the indexing time very much. Why do WordPress don’t index it so fast as Blogger do? Because Google see every new WordPress blog as just another website.

Blogger wins for indexing time because it is hosted in Google servers.

3. Categories

At my opinion, some filter that is able to sort the articles, is a must have for any serious blog. Blogger fall really down in this because it doesn’t have a category separator. Blogger do have something that they call labels, something to throw some subjects that are related to the article being written.
In WordPress making categories (and even sub-categories!) is as easy as putting the name and clicking a button.

WordPress wins by letting the users separate their content between categories and navigate easily through the content.

4. Templates

Both of blogging services offer a variety of templates ready to install. However, Blogger themes are created with a very little customization, and its CSS is a little… ugly.
On the other hand I just can tell good things about WordPress. It has a huge database of themes to install, a lot of them looking very good.
Installing them is very easy, just selecting the theme in your Appearance tab in your admin panel, or you can opt for uploading it.

WordPress wins with a lot of nice themes available to use, easy to install and very customizable.

5. Plugins

This is the main focus in this dispute. Blogger pages don’t even come closer to the greatest of WordPress community producing high quality plugins for everything you could be looking for. You need to change a lot to add any kind of functionality in Blogger.

WordPress wins one more time. WordPress make available a great collection of plugins with a great list of functionality. Blogger just don’t do it.

6. Tracking

Blogger strikes again and don’t do any job in this area. It doesn’t allow you to check any statistics. The only way you can get your statistics is by checking your hosting reports if you have migrated it to your own server.

WordPress is way different from this. With plugins WP wins an incredible flexibility. There is even plugins that integrate with Google Analytics!

The great power of plugins in WordPress make it win again. Blogger don’t have that flexibility and don’t allow you to counter your visitors.

7. Updating Posts

This is another weak of Blogger. Every time you make a major change to your post, you need to republish your article, and it will take you some time. If you have migrated it to your server be prepared for some major problems when you have a lot of files. WordPress posts are instant and you don’t need to wait.

While WordPress makes it at no time, Blogger will take a lot to republish every time you update an article. WordPress wins.

8. Naming of files

Limitations on server, limitations on naming. That’s right. As you are working on Blogger servers you don’t have any access to .htaccess file, the one that would allow you to change your post url structure. As you can’t change it you will need to include the date in the post.
With WordPress you can make the url as the way you want it to be.

Blogger don’t allow you to access any file in any server. WordPress does. WordPress wins.

9. Flexibility

I think Blogger should be used by the modest webmaster that just want to share their ideas and thoughts with no much hassle.
Wordpress should be the best option to those who want to follow their blogging project at limit and are prepared to improve it as much as possible.


I hope I’ve focused the main points of the dispute of both, and I think it is clearer that WordPress wins with no doubt over Blogger. But the choice is yours.

You need to evaluate for what you will be using your blog. If you are really focused in making it optimized for money, try using WordPress and check our post 8 Reasons Why You Are Not Earning Money.

Use Blogger if you just want to share your words to the world with nothing more involved.

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